NatWest access in Monzo expires every 24 hours

At the moment, every time I reconnect NatWest to Monzo it’s expiring roughly 24 hours later and I have to keep reconnecting it to maintain the access.

I have raised it to Monzo, I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this type of issue and may have a solution?


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I had the reconnect yesterday but I thought this was due to it genuinely expiring. However, I had to reconnect again this morning.
I’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Thanks for the reply, mine just expired again. It was roughly 20 minutes after I had set it up. I don’t know whether it’s a NatWest problem or a Monzo problem.

I had the new(?) “here’s your list of open banking connections” renewal form yesterday, and had to renew NatWest last night (definitely wasn’t due to be done as I’m sure I did it earlier in the week), then again this morning I’m being asked to renew access.

Definitely something amiss.