Open banking connection to NatWest not working

I have a NatWest credit card which I connect to and show in Monzo via open banking.

It has been working fine for the past few weeks that I’ve had the account.

Recently Monzo has been telling me by notification and email that the connection has expired and needs reconnecting. I then do it, then it breaks again later.

I have reconnected it 5 times in the past 24 hours, going by the emails I got telling me to reconnect it at:
6:34, 6:49, 18:23, 18:42, 19:45

I’m assuming something is broken on the NatWest side but thought I would post it here in case other Monzo users have experienced the same thing recently.

Seems to have been affecting other users but they’re also reporting it’s now resolved.

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Actually I spoke too soon on that earlier post. Although it did seem stable for a while, it’s reverted back to asking to renew access for me again.

I have the exact same issue. With my Natwest Current Account & Credit card.

Hi everyone :wave:

Thanks for letting us know, we’ve found the problem and have reached out to NatWest about it. Hopefully it’ll be resolved quickly.