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Mostly everyone who knows me, already know it as my social medias are my full birth name

If the account is showing in the same credit file as the rest of your accounts I don’t see there being a issue.

When you generate a statement does it have your full name?

And you can choose a preferred name on a new card so maybe try that?

But ultimately you’ll have to speak to monzo support to get things changed.

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Yes it’s showing in the same credit file.

No, statements are in Sasha K Clark

I doubled checked and I definitely signed up with the correct name but it appears it automatically got changed

I have a middle name but not in monzo and I have no issues. As said if linked in your credit file then no bother!

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My electoral roll is also missing the same 2 middle names after checking

One of my other bank accounts, when I get statements the address label has all of my middle initials in it, but on the statement itself the name listed as the account owner only includes my first middle name.

I’ve never had any problems as a result of this, so I think you’ll be fine. It seems to be the case that the bank probably do have the full name stored, but different systems that pull the name out for displaying are pulling it out in different ways. Probably because legacy bank tech stacks weren’t programmed with the expectation of people having more than one middle name, generally.

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On my PDF statements it shows both my full middle names but in app just shows my first and last name

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I have three middle names and regularly just use my first and last names.

Occasionally companies will decide to add in one or more of my middle names when they see my ID, but I’ve never had an issue with my credit file or obtaining credit because of this.

Interestingly on my Monzo account in the app it shows as First Name, Last Name. My address is First Name, Middle Name 1, Last Name and my Monzo PDF statements show as First Name, Middle Names 1 & 2 (not 3), Last Name.

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What about Becky?

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Did you sign up up with a driving licence which only has your middle initial on?

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Shouldn’t be a problem. I have some bank accounts with just first and last name, and others with a combination of first + some middle names + last name, and they all show up on the credit report fine.

The credit report uses a bunch of different data points (name, address, date of birth, which credit accounts you hold and when they were opened), so unless there is another Sasha K Clark or Sasha Clark who lives at the same address, born on the same day, and opened the same credit card accounts on the same dates as you, then you’ll be fine.


I signed up with my driving license which has my full birth name on.
Because they also needed proof of address as I had just recently moved I also gave the letter that displays your NI number as luckily it arrived the morning I was joining because i misplayed the original letter, but this also had my full name on.

It’s not a major deal that my electoral roll or bank don’t contain all my middle names it’s just paranoia making me wonder if it’ll cause issues for me down the line such as if I lost access to the account or attempted to do something and they’re like “Sorry we can’t help you as the names don’t match”

Thanks everyone else


It shouldn’t do. Credit agencies are pretty good at linking your names together. Check the aliases section of your report. So it shouldn’t pose too much of a bother how banks report it, just be consistent in how you provide it.

For example, I dropped the use of my middle names several years back, and my credit files still have them linked to my name containing my middle names.

The only time a potential issue ever propped up was in relation to the covid passport/qr codes. Turned out I’d never told my GP I’d stopped using my middle names. So the QR code pulls up my full name including middle ones. In that respect, it doesn’t match my passport, and the prep guide from the airline were clear that the name on passport needed to match exactly the name on my covid pass or I could be denied boarding. Turned out to not be an issue of course. Trying to get the NHS to update my name was a nightmare though. I’d tried multiple times to get it fixed, but it never was, and I gave up.

As long as your first and last name always match, I think there’s some leeway in regards to your middle names. Credit agencies link them together, and the middle names aren’t really relevant for matching your ID it seems. Banks will likely correlate it with other details they’ll ask you for too.

In short, I understand your paranoia, but it’s genuinely not something you need be paranoid about! You’re all good!

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That wasn’t Homer Simpson seeing his middle name for the first time at the hippie farm, I am disappointed

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But your passport must include your full birth name, mustn’t it?

Also, my covid pass QR code (in Apple Wallet) only shows first and last name, even though the NHS has my full birth name. And my passport includes middle names. And there hasn’t been a conflict there (probably because the QR code also displays date of birth prominently).

No just my first and last name. You don’t need to deedpoll or anything to drop the use of your middle name(s). When you renew your passport just tell them you don’t use them, and they won’t print them on your passport. They might want evidence like a bank statement.

Likewise if you sign up for a bank account, you can choose to omit your middle names even if they’re on your ID.

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Fun fact, I tried to change my place of birth to the name of the city I was born in, rather than the administrative district (which is in that city). Didn’t work. (Not doubting your comment about names, though.)

(I have seen other people’s passports with the name of my city, which is why I tried - and yes, it was a frivolous exercise :slight_smile: )