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(Gareth) #1

Just got my card (Woo) and noticed it has my full legal name, which takes quite a bit of space. My Dad’s full name looks like it would creep into the MasterCard logo.

Will there be any option to choose what name is printed (personally a vanity preference for initials / skip middle name), or will it only be reduced if the name gets too long?

(Amelia Ikeda) #2

In future, the debit card will have your preferred name (support can set this for you if you contact them) on it :slightly_smiling_face:

(Gareth) #3

Ah, that’s what they called it, way back on this thread

Shame Preferred Name ≈ Embossed, as I’d rather not be called by my initials in communications.

(Rika Raybould) #4

Long names are automatically shortened. For now, let bank app support know immediately after ordering a card if you’d like us to print something else (within reason at least). Not an ideal solution but it’ll work until we build out that extra step that asks you what you would like on the card.

I personally really hope we eventually get this right, I applied for a debit card at another bank and my only options included either my full legal name or just first and last but included the title “Mr”. :disappointed:

Middle name printed on card - plus a couple of other observations
(MikeF) #5

For reasons I don’t fully understand, I’ve always had a preference for initials and surname. No ‘Mr’ and no full names (or abbreviated names for that matter, e.g. Mike).

If we’re all getting new cards at full launch I guess it might be worth registering names now for those cards (unless the app will have got there by then)?


Agree with all the above - was a bit of a surprise to find my full name on the card, which I’m not a huge fan of sharing, would love to be able to specify something else!

Assuming minimal cost to Monzo, a great opportunity for personalisation not widely supported by other banks


My CA card just arrived - I was given the option of having a “preferred name” on it rather than my full name, and yet it’s turned up with middle name and all…

Not a huge deal, but if there is a way to change that (or if it can be sorted before it gets swapped for an investor card - if that’s still happening?) I’d definitely prefer it.

(Colin Robinson) #8

Contact :monzo: through in app chat and see what they can do?

(MikeF) #9

Interesting. Because my card came from the Preview, it has all my names on it but I’ve just noticed that my middle name has disappeared from the app (a preferred name presumably). I don’t remember selecting that on my account merge though.


It’s same for me I had gone for my middle name as a preferred name so I only see my middle name in-app and also on Monzo Me page, but I realised COops still use my first name when I had a chat with them other day.

I do remember choosing preferred name at the time of migration from Prepaid to CA


Contacted support - apparently this has happened to a few people and might be a bug.

(J-me) #12

Hi Richard,
I’ve just requested my new CA card so the app is now locked on the delivery screen pending approval of my new card. How do I contact support to change the name on my card as I can’t access in-app support?


(Ali) #13

Hard close the app and then reopen it, it should be back to the normal screen.

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