Middle name printed on card - plus a couple of other observations

I’m very excited to get my new card which arrived in a day!

Three very minor observations:

  1. The card has my middle name on it which I prefer to keep a secret (I don’t like it). It would be nice to have an option as to how your name is displayed (and ultimately some Nike ID style customisation options as to the look of the card would be cool)

  2. The card number has been imprinted in silver on the back of the cardboard folder it came in. So there’s an outside chance that someone could get hold of one of these covers and steal the number. Don’t forget to shred it!

  3. It would be good to have something on the card to give me bragging rights - instead of beta it could say founder member or pilot similar! Or maybe like on my Amex card where it says ‘Member since 2010’

Quick question - when I transfer money into my account, will it come through immediately via Faster Payments? This would be good so I know exactly how much money I have in both current accounts at all times.

Looking forward to starting using it in earnest anyhow!

The faster payments transfer is indeed instant (although the sending bank might take a couple of days to realize the money has gone… looking at you, first direct…).

  1. There is talk about having an optional name on the card like a nickname or parts of your name. The preview card will be replaced at a later date.
  2. Good feedback. Make sure you mention this in a reply in-app. Current account testers should be reporting bugs to customer service (for example I can easily crash the iOS MonzoBank app and have reported it).
  3. Be grateful you have the word beta on it :grin:; I don’t have beta or my name on it :frowning: . I like your idea though. Could be an interesting option.
  4. Yes, faster payments work from a UK bank account. I’m always paid instantly with the current account when I transfer money to it.**

**The current account is still in testing and something could go wrong (but 99.9% shouldn’t) but Monzo will make sure you do not lose out if it does.


You’re correct to raise the issue before of the silver imprinting, which has been raised before, so should hopefully be fixed for the widepsread current account rollout.
It’s interesting that your middle name got printed and mine didn’t. Maybe when mine was added it exceeded the total character limit so was not used. But other banks have sometimes printed my middle initial so :man_shrugging: Having said that I’m pretty sure it says somewhere on the forum that monzo are planning to let you have a ‘preferred name’ to be printed on the card. See here Full Name on Card
Also I can confirm that faster payments into monzo CA come through immediately.

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That is very annoying on First Direct’s part. All I want is a real time view of my balance in both current accounts. This is why people hate high street banks so much, they insist on treating customers like mushrooms! (I count FD as a high st bank as it’s owned by HSBC)

Mine doesn’t have beta on it - I was referring to my old prepaid card. Basically so many people in my area have a Monzo card, I want to have bragging rights over them for being on the current account preview. Bit sad but there you go!!

The name printed on your card and the debit text are both bragging rights :wink:

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Good point!! Maybe I will put a gold star sticker on it just for extra emphasis :wink:


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