How do I change my "Preferred name"?

My card will expire and get a new one sent out. Monzo asked me to confirm my details. Question 1,do you want your legal name or preferred name on the card?

Preferred please. BUT, that name is the same as the legal name.

Looked at my profile and it won’t let me change my name. And there is only one field for name. No “preferred” name field.

So how do I change it?

I believe you normally define your legal and preferred name at the time of application, from memory, but it’s been quite a while.

If you’d like to change your preferred name now I think you need to contact support in-app, but this would have to be tomorrow after 8am as it would not be classed as “urgent”. If you don’t have a specific chat button, search for “contacting support” in help, and the article it finds should have a button on there.

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Preferred name just removes your middle name.

I got the option for my legal name or a selection of preferred names.

Legal name as my full name including both middle names
Other one was just my first and last name ( I picked this )
Others was first and one middle name without a surname and then the other one was first name, one middle and last

No, you can have a preferred name different to your legal name. I do

My legal name is, well, my legal name; and my preferred name is an anglicised version of it. I had to define it at signup

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If you have legally changed your name, taken your partner’s surname (usually getting married), or have a new preferred name etc it’s just a case of going in app on chat.

Wrong as usual.

As already stated just get in touch through chat :slight_smile:


And you got bad attitude as usual

For instance if you’re called Ben Maxine shepherd you can’t have your preferred name as Mohammed Sasha

I got my preferred name changed from my legal name when I notified them of my name change on marriage - it didn’t take them long to come back and this was after lockdown had started the first time

I think everyone is tired of you coming on here periodically just to spread misinformation. You’re painting a picture that it’s deliberate as this gets mentioned by someone every time.

Your example is terrible too. Of course they’re not going to let you have a completely different name.


That’s true but you could have Mohammed Maxine or Ben Sasha