Barclays bank transfer says the name does not match the Monzo account name


My Monzo display name is a shortened version of my full name. If I share my details through the app them my full name is sent in the message, which I think is correct. When my dad used this name in the barclays Web UI he was told the name did not match the account. Turns out he needed to use my shortened name “Jon”, not “Jonathan” to make the payment. I assume Monzo is sending the wrong meta data to barclays, as really, the name they validate against is correct - my full legal name, and the name which sent in the share account details function of the app. At the very least, Monzo is internally inconsistent.

Details to reproduce:
Try an standard UK bank account transfer from barclays to Monzo when you have a shortened name in the app. In this example, Jon vs. Jonathan.



App Version:


I think this is intended. If you set a preferred name at signup, Monzo will assume that this is what you want to use and what you give to people

So that when someone transfers to you, they will try your preferred name and not your legal one

Outgoing transfers are sent first initial, surname for this reason too

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If that’s the case, then the “share account details” function should also send the preferred name.


Yeah, it has struck me for a while that it is a bit odd that I am Michael SouthseaOne on my card, but MICHAEL MIDDLENAME SOUTHSEAONE on that page

I’m confused by what you mean here. When people send me money I see their full legal first and last names, in Monzo’s case I see the full preferred name. When I send money to people they see my full first and last name too.

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Yeah if i go to send money to my legacy bank monzo warns me every time because my legacy bank has my middle name registered but then monzo is saved as no middle name.

I feel like there should be a threshold that you should be able to tick dont warn me again for this account number as it gets really annoying having to always second guess

Are they? Mine are first name + surname. Or at least were until very recently.


I’ve never seen my first name appear on a transfer from Monzo, they’re always F Surname. Interesting. I wonder if it also depends on the recipient bank?

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