Monzo providing former surname to credit agencies

Has anyone else changed their surname since having Monzo and found that transunion are still receiving your former surname from Monzo? I checked my full report and everything else seems correct.

I’m also can no longer verify myself with the correct details with experian and wonder if this could be related.

I raised a ticket months ago but it seems to have been forgotten. I sent a chase today but curious if anyone else has noticed the same?

Have you updated your name with Monzo?

Yes, I did a few weeks after it changed mid 2019.

It could also be my surname became double barrelled without a hyphen, and the second part of my surname now is what my old one was. It could be they are not reporting the full double barreled name rather than it not changing.


Really sorry for the delay here and some of the confusion. I think our Cops have just raised this with me - I’ll try get this sorted tomorrow (assuming the query that’s come through is actually you - from the description it sounds like it is).

I’ll be completely honest - I think I missed what the issue was when it came through a few months ago and assumed it was a CRA issue (which a lot of name/ address matching issues tend to be) so didn’t address the problem.

Note that once we update your name it’ll still take up to a couple of months for the CRA’s to update your data though. We can’t really speed this process up i’m afraid.


Did you update your preferred name or your legal name?

They don’t have to be the same. Your preferred name is generally what we’ll call you in the app and on your card, but your legal name will appear on statements.

They don’t have to be the same, but should be similar.

Theo is on it :pray:t3:

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I changed legal and preferred as I sent over my marriage certificate (or at least that’s what I believed was happening).

Sounds like you’re on it Theo so that’s good! Thank you. Perhaps you didnt get all the info from the 6 different people I had messages from.