Remove the repaid spilt bill amount from monthly budget


I was advised to post in here after making a suggestion on Twitter.

I was wondering if the app could be updated so that when you split a bill with another person and they repay the money, that the repaid money could also go back against your monthly budget total again.

For example, currently if I go for a meal with my boyfriend and we split a £30 bill in half, he will transfer the £15 back after I’ve used the split bill function, but the budget will still show it as if I have spent £30 on eating out rather than £15. It would be really great if this could be changed so it would add the £15 back on to my eating out budget.

I hope this suggestion made sense :slight_smile:



This has been mentioned before, seems to be an issue for loads of people. They’re updating the spending tab soon so :crossed_fingers:

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I was also surprised to find this behaviour. I just assumed that the budget would reduce again, since you can categorise the money you get from the other user.
I started using this to split groceries cost, but I’m finding it hard now to see what my wife and I have spent in total on groceries because the amount she sends to me does not reduce my groceries budget and the amount I send to her is categorised as groceries too so now I have an inflated groceries spend on my budget report.

you haven’t engaged Monzo Labs “summary” then ? Ive just re categorised a repayment from a Monzo user that came in as “general” to eating out and it came off my eating out spend category

on iPhone - account - tap on your name at top of screen - scroll down to Monzo labs _ i think you then need to categorise a min payment into account of £500 ( this might have changed since I was last on )