Link repayments to outgoing transactions

(Peri Thompson ) #1

Is it possible to link an outgoing payment with repayments to my link, that way when budgeting my Eating Out tag, if we split the bill the outgoing transaction would only take the percentage of the payment from my budget instead of the whole amount. Also, just linking what the repayment with what the incoming payment is for would be helpful anyway.

Combine related transactions
(Alex Sherwood) #2

So…Zander has confirmed that the plan is to link repayments to transaction records & to track who’s paid you back -

And Hugo has acknowledged that repayments need to be credited to Categories & therefore Targets here -

So it looks like a couple of your requests - which I’m keen to have to! - will be delivered there :gift:

When it comes to this idea

I’m not sure that I’d want to reduce my transaction amount, based on the outstanding payment that’s owed to me by a friend, until I’d received that repayment :thinking:

Since that repayment could only be made next month, for example, wouldn’t that impact your Targets / balance etc. in the meantime & suggest that you have more money to spend, than you have in your account?

(Oliver Ford) #3

Maybe my (imagined, as a lowly Androider :wink:) use of targets is just different, but I see targets as more of a fake abstract thing than what’s left to spend - so I’d want the former to reflect what I, personally, have actually (in some abstract sense) spent; to be eventually consistent, if you will. Balance should obviously be the absolute truth, In - Out, as it stands, presently.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

I see :slight_smile:

My Total Monthly Target enables me to track roughly how much I have to spend each month, from my legacy bank account’s balance at the moment. Obviously that won’t be necessary once Monzo launches the current accounts though so perhaps they could becomes more abstract then…

(Oliver Ford) #5

Oh I see, so your category targets cleanly divide the amount you top up with each month?

I’m much less organised; I wouldn’t be surprised if I held the top position for least time between top-up and expenditure that would have been rejected a priori due to insufficient funds - it was milliseconds, and not the only time I’ve necessarily topped up while queueing/scanning/paying…