Adjusting the transaction amount when you've split the bill

Hi Monzo!

An awesome feature to add would be to reduce the amount of a transaction uses of your budget if you choose to split the bill.

If I go to somewhere with friends and split the bill using, it doesn’t reduce the amount I’ve actually spent on the budgeting.

Would save the annoying notifications to say I’ve gone over X budget even though I split the bill with friends

I think they are redesigning bill splitting at the moment which will allow you to all pay different amounts, seen screenshots on another thread recently.

Maybe one of the leaders would know the relevant link and post in here.

Did you mean this?


In the sneak peeks section of the app


Bingo! Exactly what i meant.

Im sure once this comes in it’ll fix the issue you talk of

Nope, not that.

With Monzo at the min, if i pay for lets say Nandos for a few people and it comes to £80 so I split the bill to £20 per person, they send me the money through, however, it still says I’ve spent £80 on eating out even though I’ve not as I’ve actually only spent £20 on food.

Think that’s hopefully a better way of explaining it!

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