Change charged amounts


I’d love to use the Monzo budget feature, but it’s just not reflective of my actual spending without playing around with it too much. Is there a function whereby I can change the amount that was charged on my card. For example, I pay for three drinks on my card, one friend Monzo’s me their amount for their drink and the other pays me in cash. So in effect, I’ve only spent the money for one drink, but the payment for three is taken from my card, and is therefore reflected in my budget. What I would like to do is go in, change that amount spent to the cost of one drink. If this is already a function, anyone pointing me in the right direction would be great! If not, it would give the opportunity for a more accurate budget. By the end of the month, it is saying I have exceeded my budget limits, when in reality I haven’t.

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Shared tabs were created for this exact scenario :slight_smile:

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Hey @AliceSAysNo. You can split the bill on the transaction view to achieve this.

You can invite the one friend that has Monzo to split the bill, and they’ll receive a feed item to approve. And other friend you can split as a friend not on Monzo, and it’ll just reduce the amount on your budget. :smiley: