Add bank transfers to a split bill

I recently bought a takeaway with my family and paid for it through my monzo account. The bill was £30 then my parents sent me £20 through direct bank transfer. They didn’t feel comfortable using the link.

Now what I’d like to be able to do is add that bank transfer to the takeaway bill (maybe through the split bill functionality, maybe just manually) so my spending budget would reflect that I actually only spent £10 on the takeaway. Since right now my monthly spending budget thinks I spent the whole £30 on the takeaway and I have no way to reduce this amount.

Though it doesn’t have to come up in the feed as linked, I just mainly want the spending budget to reflect the actual amount is spent on the food.

You’d need to tag the inbound payment the same category as the takeaway so it balances out :pray:

I’ve amended the topic, hope you don’t mind.

Also, if you send the Monzo link from the bill split, this link is specific to the same transaction so it should balance from there but you mentioned your parents preferred to do bank transfer.

I tried that, I tagged them both as eating out and it didn’t change the amount reduced from my budget. It does work in trends but just strange that it doesn’t work in the budget

When you say reduced by your budget, do you mean trends or the budget figure where you set the limits? IE editable amounts?

This part, it’s still reflecting a £30 spend instead of a £10 spend

Mines amending as I go properly as you require, check your other transactions in the same period as one may not be aligned properly.

That’s so strange because mine are both set as eating out but in the budget the £30 is in the spending eating out and the £20 is in the transfers section so it’s counting as income and I can’t add it to the spending

I think it balances for that category but not for your budget

Even within that category, it’s just not there

Is this an iOS Vs Android parity issue ?

I’m on Android and I’ve just checked: incoming bank transfers do affect my category totals, and they seem to also affect my total budget figure; although, annoyingly, since I can’t seem to exclude incoming bank transfers from budgeting, my budget is currently out of whack.

Possibly because I am on iOS, we really need an include/exclude in budget button on incoming stuff too