Remove pot transactions from statement


This month I have been managing my pots a lot, lot’s of adding/withdrawing, for example I withdrew £500 from a pot to make it an ISA which then added another £500 so my income/outcome was not accurate on my statement.

Is there a way to exclude them from the statement? If not, would be good if you could!

Yes, like an option in pot settings hide/un-hide

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Agree. To me the statements just do t make sense. No statements available for pots, yet the statement shows money disappearing from and returning to the main account. No idea how this will work when they add accounting package integration to the business accounts. At the moment I’m manually entering just the main transactions into my accounting software and ignoring any pot transactions, but then the statements and balances don’t tally with the accounting software. It’s a bit of a mess.



Monzo need to decide whether pots are separate accounts or not.


Completely agreed on this. I have one account number with Monzo so I’m only interested in money going in (income) and out (payments) of this.

How my balance is subsequently sub-divided into pots, and transfers between them, shouldn’t even be a consideration for my statement as it doesn’t impact my overall account balance.

I looked at them for the first time recently as I’m hoping there’ll be a mortgage application forthcoming and was pretty horrified with how they looked. They do need a good tidy in all fairness.


We sent Monzo statements for our mortgage application recently and it got them confused really bad. I had to provide a long letter explaining how everything works including links from Monzo blog articles.

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Completely agree on this. I too have recently applied for a mortgage and my statements were mental.
Recently came into a bit of money and not realising the effect it had, and constantly changing my mind with how I was organising my pots, meant that my statement showed outgoings as over £30k!!!
Luckily this doesn’t seem to have affected me, but it does make it impossible to reflect what’s going on.
Like above, remove pot transfers from statements …only money going/coming from external should be counted.


Yes, the statements need to be improved.

No pots will not be separate accounts. The potential number is… well 2m times x pots is… A LOT!! Way too many account numbers to issue.

Statements can definitely be clearer. I would like to see them designed with a summary in the first page, this ideally should have total balance (including pots) with an income and expenditure overview (not including internal transfers to/from pots).

Itemised list of transactions can stay pretty much as it is but after it, I would also like to see a similar itemised list of all pots with their relevant transfers, fees and interest.


I’m finding this to be a real problem at the moment - I’m getting a credit check to secure a new apartment and the Monzo statements don’t fly.

I have a series of pots that I manage each month through IFTTT - so all that’s left in my ‘main’ account is spending money. But the statements show that money going into pots = spend. And money coming back in before a bill goes out = income. In other words, wildly wrong.

Has anyone figured out a workaround for this?