Statements showing pots - option to turn off?


I have recently gone full Monzo and loving it - thanks.

We are looking to move home in the next couple of years and if memory serves me correctly, our mortgage companies are going to want to see bank statements for proof of earnings and spending.

I’ve just downloaded our statements for the last few months and they’re an absolute mess, as there are lines all over the place that say “withdrew from pot” or “added to pot”, without any sort of display showing how much is in each pot.

Add this to the fact our Savings Pot cannot have its own statement, and essentially our statement for our Monzo account is just confusing. And that’s confusing for me, let alone a third party who doesn’t know the context.

Is there a way you could add a feature to “turn off” pots from bank statements? So that the balance shown is the overall balance of all pots?

This would be really helpful.

I’ve said this before, but pots are like Schroeder’s accounts: simultaneously part of the main account and not at the same time.

It might be difficult to unpick, but this is a good reason to do it, I think.

(P.S. don’t forget to vote for your own idea!)


Schrödinger’s accounts.

I like the analogy, tho :+1:

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I’m blaming autocorrect.