Pot Name on Monzo bank statement

Please, could I ask that when we transfer to - from Pots the name of the pot is displayed on the bank statement. currently, it just says “Transfer to Saving Pot”
this is not helpful

Not sure if this is a good idea. Could end up with people having to explain transfers to interestingly named pots to mortgage advisers :see_no_evil:


I was thinking would be good to see I moved the money to pay for
fuel / stuff for the kids / Holiday payment etc
but see your point, could be awkward

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Yeah I don’t fancy explaining “Transfer to Crack Pot” tbh :joy_cat:


I don’t think pot transfers should be on statements at all as, if you deposit and withdraw a lot (especially with IFTTT triggers), statements start to look a proper mess.


with round ups its every other line. its realy bad


Agreed, I have 3 going out every day plus the roundups that don’t work

Could there be a toggle option to show/hide pot transfers from statements?

When turned off the account balance should show all money in the account


That would be great. That figure is already available on the account screen (at least on iOS) so using it instead of the without pots balance shouldn’t be too hard.

Each pot should ultimately have some sort of numerical identifier (similar to an account number) in my view, alongside the ‘casual’ name. The formal identifier can then be displayed on the statement alongside ‘Transfer to Pot’.


For the purposes of bank statements, I don’t think it matters if the statement tells you which specific pot you’re transferring too.

Either just saying “transfer to savings pot” or not including pot transfers in bank statements would be best in my opinion.

Although, not including pot transfers in bank statements might be confusing if declined payments are included on statements.

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I don’t think declined payments show up on statements. That would be weird, especially when you can dismiss them from your feed. Same with active card checks.