Hide pot transfers from transaction list

Please can the option be added to hide pot transfers from the transaction list or toggle them on and off? I understand that you need to keep a trail of the transfers etc but it just gets really messy when you are moving stuff about

Good idea, I’d also like to be able to show and hide transactions for some pots and not for others.


I would like to be able to do this. Also, (I’ve not tried, but) I’d be interested to know how they show up on an exported statement. Does my accountant need to know, or care about my (non-interest bearing) pots, given that the money has never technically left my account? Especially when I get confused and accidentally open and close pots consecutively :see_no_evil:

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How about all manual pot movements (including IFTTT and API) are grouped per day into one expandable feed item?


Exactly as it is on your feed, kinda. Just loads of ‘Transfer to savings pot’ with the date and amount. Makes for a huge statement if you have roundups on etc :face_vomiting:

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This would be acceptable, but to be honest, I’d still prefer a toggle.

Ugh. Gross. Even for regular pots?


So I’m not down for this in the app (I’m a transaction list purist!), but I do absolutely agree with the issue on statements. I think that Monzo has become a bit muddled on whether pots are part of the current account (in which case movements to/from they shouldn’t be on statements) or if they’re standalone (in which case movements should be, but pots should be named on statements and additionally have their own statements, too).


I have recently started banking with monzo and i am really surprised there is no option to hide pots or internal transactions in anyway everything is on main screen. In particular i really want to have the saving pots hidden at the very least from the main screen. When trying to budget on a monthly basis being able to see the savings pots does not help. I also use the app Emma and the way your can organise your bank accounts, credit cards and investments on their is brilliant

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Hi Claire - welcome to the forum! :smiley:

It seems to be a bit of a recurring theme that people don’t necessarily want all of their pots to be visible, because often it is easier to squirrel away bits of money into a pot you can’t see! Hopefully the Monzo team are seeing this popping up time and time again and will come up with a solution.

Make sure you have clicked the vote button at the top of this thread if you want the ability to hide pot transfers. It could be that it could be on a pot-by-pot basis, in case there are some you would like to see.

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Hi Matt,

Thank you.

Yes I hope they are looking to build it into the app, that would be awesome. Other than that really impressed Monzo.

Yes I have voted on this thread and another I saw related to hiding pots.

Thanks again


Yes please this would be great!

Voted, hate how cluttered the feed gets, being able to filter would be great…

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Would definitely appreciate this - I too hate how making transfers to pots can take up a good portion of the feed.

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I would love to see this as an option at some point. It would make keeping track of what I spend month to month much easier, especially as I have lots of micro-saving IFTTT’s set up and the transaction feed can feel cluttered as a result.

Completely agree

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I think the solution to this is to have a “master feed” that accurately represents the bank’s ledgers and then a “customisable feed” for individuals to be able to set which type of transactions show up.

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Please put this feature IN, i have trouble differentiating which transactions are in/out of my account and which are pots. Lots of duplicate transactions when paying subscriptions from pots, as it takes the money out of a pot, then sends it.

I find myself continuously having to exclude transactions in quickbooks to accommodate for this. It’s my number 1 and only complaint with Monzo :slight_smile:

From what I’ve seen the numerous time this has been asked, your account has to be an accurate history. You can’t exclude things for ‘neatness’ etc.