How do I stop my pot transfers from flooding my statements and gone screen

My mortgage supplier wanted the last 6 months of statements (not sure why 6 months) then I went to print them out on their printer and it was almost 300 pages so I emailed it them instead. Over 180 pages was just pots and I would like to remove the pot ones if it’s possible as I have the 1p a day and some when it rains save 5p (which Manchester is daily) then if I enter the gym zone it moves £2 over to my weightloss pot, etc etc

I’ve got around 20-30 pages of just pots which is a shame and one of the reasons I keep my statements in a PDF (never needed them, just update it every month or 2 in case of an emergency such as I need one when I can’t access Monzo app)

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You can’t stop it, the statement has to be a perfect record of what money moves around your account.

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But that money doesn’t move. It’s just earmarked within the same account. Starling don’t fill your statements with garbage because the money never goes anywhere


Yeah the money doesn’t move like @ndrw said it’s still in the same account


But Monzo don’t see it like that.

That’s a real shame :frowning: I checked ever page and can confirm 214 is pots while 31 are PayPal deposits and 7 are PayPal withdrawals the rest of the 40 odd pages are regular payments

That’s true

I’m not so sure. It certainly has to accurately show the deposits and withdrawals - to & from the account. But I can’t see anything anywhere in definitions which states anything beyond that.

Must banks, of course, don’t have these pots or spaces - just other linked accounts such as savings.

Starling don’t display internal traffic in your statement - that’s restricted to the feed.

I suspect there will have been a keenness from customers to see pot activity included in the statement, and Monzo ran with it (I recall quite a bit of chat at the time).

Monzo charge overdraft fees when the main account is overdrawn even when there is money in pots. If the statements didn’t show pot transfers it would look like they were randomly charging you for no reason.


Oh I’d forgotten that one.

That’s true but on the statement it self it could just show the fee from the pot, on my option showing every pot move completely even when you don’t have an overdraft as it’s not even leaving the account

That’s part of the conversation I’ve been having with the business banking team over the past few months including a meeting where I showed various ways I think statements could be improved.

Looks like that may bear fruit in the coming months to simplify things accountancy-wise - I hope so. Whether or not that will also be offered for personal accounts I don’t know.

If you link an accountancy package pot transfers are ignored and the running balance is main account plus pots, which is sensible but makes reconciliation with paper statements a nightmare.