Remove payees from Recent / Frequent lists

On the Payments tab, Monzo automatically fills the recent / frequent lists. The user should be able to remove contacts from those sections especially if, for example, they are people that they don’t want to be reminded of (your ex, for example).

(From the Payments tab mega-thread )

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If you go into the payee, and click edit & then delete, it removes them from the recent list? Surely that’s what you want?

Wouldn’t that delete the payee entirely? I think the idea is to keep the payee but exclude from frequent and recent.


But the example was an ex :man_shrugging:t3:
If it’s a Monzo contact then no, you can still find them by search

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Not if you still need their bank details but don’t want to be reminded of your ex every time you pay someone else.

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