Amending/Deleting Payees

(Spencer Luxford) #1

I have created a payee on my Monzo current account, but made an error. At current, there is no way to edit or delete one, not that I can see! Is there something I’m missing or is this a feature due soon?

(Colin Robinson) #2

Pretty sure that’s a ‘due soon’ :tm:

(Herp Derp) #3

Yes I was wondering this too as I want to delete some one time payments off my list.

(Hugh) #4

Unfortunately you can’t yet :frowning:

I think this is :soon: in v2.x.x :slight_smile:

(MikeF) #5

I’m working on the assumption that this sort of thing will come along with the ‘real’ CA app rather than the temporary one we’ve got at the moment.


I’ve heard somewhere (either in-app support or on this forum) that the recent payees list is currently generated by the app itself based on your transaction history, so there’s no way to delete them unless you somehow manage to get that transaction off the home feed.

This is a stop-gap solution until they implement a proper server-side payees list which you’ll be able to edit.

(Spencer Luxford) #7

Thanks for the info. I appreciate the current app is a beta version until the current account goes live, I was just wondering what the situation was and if I had missed something. Its a small thing really, but when you are a bit OCD, you want everything correct and looking good! :grin:


Same here, can’t wait for the update as I’ve misspelled the name of one payee and it’s been bugging me ever since.

(Paul Buckley) #9

Is it possible to delete a recent payee from the list on the android application? I’ve tried the usual methods, swiping, double press etc with no joy.

Thanks !


Not at the moment, most likely in the next update.

(Kevyn) #11

the CA Preview app has been pretty much the same since it was launched. I am hoping after the big switch of all the prepaid accounts, that the app will get an upgrade.

(Hugh) #12

Sorry to disappoint, it won’t. The preview app is going away in a couple of weeks once everyone has moved onto the new “normal” app.

(Kevyn) #13

Doesn’t mean that once everyone has switched, they’d then update the ‘normal’ app. As Monzo’s aim is by the end of the year, I’m hoping by January/February they would have updated the ‘normal’ app to some degree from when I joined the preview in early August. The expectations for the future of the ‘normal’ app with the CA is a lot higher than the ‘normal’ app with the prepaid account before they transfer everyone to CA.

(MikeF) #14

That’s my expectation.

No one seemed to get that the preview app was just that, a preview. Monzo always said it was only temporary with the effort going into the real thing. I never understood why everyone was expecting it to be modified through the preview.


Not sure if I agree, during Preview (Testing/Trailing) usually new features are pushed and Apps get regular update so developers can get feedback before releasing final versions - In Monzo’s defence it’s bit complicated for a new bank to put all new features on trail because if something goes wrong with a bank app however minor the glitch it will be inconvenient and would require a lot of reassurance so I kind of agree with Monzo’s approach in principle of not updating Preview App.

(MikeF) #16

If it’s previewing an app, then I’d agree with you, yes.

This was previewing an account. It wasn’t the app under test, it was the banking systems. The app was simply there as a basic test tool.


Monzo account is App only so App functionality is actually at the center of everything IMO. App is the difference when it comes to choosing between Monzo and competitors for a lot of people.

(Hugh) #18


But the whole point of the preview app was to test new back end “bank” systems on a limited number of people. Not “improve” the app experience necessarily.

(MikeF) #19

I fully agree and now the Current Account is launching properly I look forward to them starting to develop it.

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