Remove or Move Borrowing on the Card Page

Hey, I was just wondering if we could remove the borrowing section on the card page above the pots and linked credit cards. I have no intention of taking out a loan, nor get an overdraft and seeing that above the things I do use is irritating.

I’ve unticked the lending promotions setting in settings and that didn’t change a thing.


Annoying that the lending promotions setting doesn’t remove this.

You can ask in-app chat to have it removed.


I also have this and it’s just bad. Regardless of whether lending promotions is ticked or not, it just shouldn’t be in between account and pots/credit cards.


Slightly disagree.

If you have a loan or overdraft, it is absolutely in the right place to advise on the currenty situation.

However, If you dont have any, then the location is pretty poor. Especially to those with low self control or people in bad financial situations.


What if your circumstances change? This is the only way of applying so it should stay. You wouldn’t expect any other bank to remove information and application processes from their websites…

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I think the point is that I have lending promotion setting set as OFF but still see this which is, by all accounts, a lending promotion if I don’t have any ‘lending products’ with Monzo.

For those that have a loan and/or overdraft, then sure, leave it there if the setting is ON?

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The toggle should be a general “don’t surface lending anywhere unless I’ve already got some ongoing” and not under “NOTIFICATIONS” and do what’s being asked for here.

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It seems to me that there is a proportion of customers that are going to get get really exercised at absolutely any form of Monzo advertising in the app. Why is that?

Every other banking app I’ve seen does this.
Every bank (I assume) needs to make money to survive

For me, managing this is the first justification for a paid offering from what people seem to think of as an ‘app based bank’. In-app purchasing the removal of ads is a well established practice.


Cool. How do I purchase the removal of this ad?

Until I can, let me turn it off? No? And I’m not getting really exercised, it’s already gone from my app cos I asked in-app chat folks to do it and they were happy to :smiley:

Sure, but not really what I’m asking.

Is this a view that is common for all banks but simply can’t be expressed at the others or is it a Monzo specific thing?

Would you ring NatWest and ask them to remove adverts from their app? If not, why not?

That’s sort of what I’m interested in here.


Ahhhh I see. Fair point. I tolerate this on my Bank of Scotland app as I don’t pay for an account there either. Hmmmm.

I don’t see too much of a problem with it being on the Account Tab as yes, it isn’t part of my Account currently (unlikely to ever be) but if/when you access overdraft or loan, that is where it becomes placed. I don’t see it as an Ad more as the natural flow to make such an application, should you want to.

Now if you were getting push notifications and banners on the home screen… that is different, that is an active step in attempting to get you to sign up to a loan/overdraft

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Is this a view that is common for all banks but simply can’t be expressed at the others or is it a Monzo specific thing?

The two other banks I’m with (Halifax & Nationwide) both have an apply section in a sub menu. Not on the main screen where you see all your account balances.

  • Halifax on the navigation menu bar at the bottom.
  • Nationwide in a ‘More’ menu in the account.

Would you ring NatWest and ask them to remove adverts from their app? If not, why not?

No. I wouldn’t contact other banks to complain about this, nor would I ask monzo to remove it. I didn’t know it was possible until @gmclean mentioned it.

Once or twice I have been on the wrong side of a payday, assessing my situation where things dont quite line up right. Depending on the person, this may either help or hinder them knowing that a loan or overdraft is so easily available.

Monzo have to make money. But what if people have opted out of lending promotions, because they know how quick and easy it is (thanks :mondo:) and also that it could send them on a downwards spiral.


A thing that permanently says “hey get a loan and get into debt :smile:” vs an ad saying “download this app/buy this tat from Amazon/etc”

Not really the same thing is it. Also, I can’t find a “hey, get a loan” in the NatWest app alongside my accounts, though they do have a generic “Apply” tab in the bottom right for all their services.

I think the issue is that if you have lending promotions switched off in settings, then this screen should honour that.

Also, just because other banks might do it doesn’t mean Monzo should. After all, they are supposed to be shaking up the industry and doing things differently.

Monzo has always distanced itself from ‘every other bank’ so this is a poor argument in my opinion.

I understand that borrowing is a service that may appeal to some customers, my complain here is the choice of placement. If borrowing is not relevant to you this is simply distracting when checking balance and pots.

Examples from apps I use that I feel are more successful:

  • Similar offers from Barclays are placed after a list of all current accounts, saving accounts and credit card balances. They also have a separate ‘Products’ page which very neatly shows all their offers.
  • Starling has a ‘Loans’ tab next to Goals (their version of Pots). This makes sense because it ties in with the idea of having goals you build towards, and if you need it you can apply for a loan, otherwise it doesn’t disrupt the UI.

Err…not round here it doesn’t seem to. There was a public outcry when Monzo tried something similar with loans and pot goals!

So, it does seem that people are measuring Monzo differently to other banks from what I read here (and holding them accountable to personal interpretations of their various tag lines which always interests me).

I’ve not got any conclusions to draw from it but was interested to know what other people’s views were.



I wasn’t aware of that but personally I would have no issues with a loan being advertised in the context of Pots. Again my only complain is that it’s between the main account and everything else, which is… a choice. I’d like to hear if anyone found this useful?

As for the notion of measuring Monzo differently to other banks, I’m not sure if it’s true but maybe we’re only pushing our favourite bank to be its best version of ourselves.

It’s a silly ad anyway until loans are rolled out to everyone. All you get when you click it is a page which says you are not eligible for a loan, Why even have it there? When there’s something to offer, offer it, otherwise we don’t need to see it.

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Mine only has information about the overdrafts, nothing about loans. I don’t have an overdraft but don’t mind it sitting there. It could maybe be moved to below pots though.

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