Monzo loans marketing


In the last few weeks I received several emails and in app notifications to encourage me to apply for Monzo Loan. I already tried and my application wasn’t successful.

Each time you message me about Monzo Loan I think something has changed and apply again …

Could you perhaps recognise if customer already applied (and was unsuccessful) and stop sending emails and notifications for some time?


You can switch off lending messaging within the app.

It could be that Monzo has updated their lending criteria, but you still don’t match it. Companies are entitled to market to you, if you don’t disable the option.


You can turn off lending promotions.


Thanks for the replies and suggestions.

The point I was trying to make wasn’t about stopping ALL future marketing, it was more about recognising when customer applied for a loan and their application was unsuccessful and then stop notifications for a while. You know, to allow customer time to rebuild their credit score for example. This is just my feedback, that’s all :slight_smile:

As for the comment saying companies are ‘entitled’ to send marketing. I think I would personally phrase it differently, for example: companies are allowed to send marketing materials to those customers who opted-in to receive marketing. For me there is a distinct difference between being entitled to something and being allowed to do something with permission.


This strikes me as a very important point and a really useful one to share. Thank you!

When Monzo started, we held them to a higher standard and expected them to do things better. It would be a pity if we all just accepted that marketers market and lenders lend, without thinking about how things could get better.


I received the same notification saying to apply again, even though I wasn’t eligible two days prior.

Lending promotions are fine, but as OP says, to nudge someone they already know has been declined recently seems bizarre as it says to apply again, giving hope it may be successful now.

It’s odd.

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=IF(LoanLikeliness=“NO”,“Do not send loan email”,“Hi, would you like a Monzo loan?”)


Error missing closing parenthesis :eyes:


Good Opportunity for some Behaviour Driven Development Here :slight_smile:

Scenario: Customer is within loan ineligibility period

GIVEN I have previously applied for a loan and am not eligible
WHEN I open Monzo
THEN I am only shown non loan based advertisements

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