Change wording of adverts for Overdrafts

Hey Monzo!

I was in the gym this morning when a “helpful” Monzo advert popped up saying my Overdraft application is ready for review. I also got the above in app

Now, a few things about that;

  • I don’t have an overdraft
  • For many years I struggled to get out of the “overdraft is money I can spend just to get me through” mindset
  • It took Monzo and some real effort to get into a position where I don’t need one again.

Imagine, then, the anxiety caused when this popped up! I get you want to advertise overdraft facilities but please consider re-wording this. All it did was take me to a screen which told me that if I did want an overdraft, I could consider applying for one.

Not cool, for me at least. :slight_smile:

BTW: I actually really like Monzo in general and I would hope this could be changed if others also felt this way. I’m aware I can turn off promotions etc, but I wouldn’t have minded if it was one that said “Here’s what an overdraft could look like” etc

Have you clicked through to overdrafts at any point to look at them?

Not that I’m aware of, I think it was more of a marketing tactic as far as I know

When people have mentioned this about loans and “finish your application” then it was because people have clicked through to have a look at it etc.

This is possibly related to marketing so you can turn these notifications off in settings :crossed_fingers:t3:

Thanks for the replies. I’m aware I can turn these off but I wanted to feedback how the advert made me feel, so Monzo can be aware as others may have similar experiences.

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To be fair I can see how this implies you’ve begun an application.

I remember years ago I kept getting emails from some payday loan company saying “complete your loan now” and I literally panicked thinking I had accidentally applied somehow. It can be a bit unnerving if you haven’t.


I wouldn’t in any way call clicking through to “look” at the overdrafts page ‘starting an application’.


Might be worthwhile starting a complaint. Sounds like you have grounds, given how it seems to be misleading and the effect it’s had on you.

Op definitely started the overdraft application flow for it to be worded that way. I have not applied and when I got marketing it was just “learn about overdrafts” or something like that.

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Nope, I checked again. When you go onto the screen and click on the overdraft option there it brings up the same default “info about overdrafts”

So, I probably did click on it but didn’t start one.

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I could but I don’t feel that strongly about it. I just wanted to give Monzo some feedback.

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