Inappropriate notifications

I received a push notification on the app (and an email) encouraging me to “Grab hold of life with a Monzo loan”.

I can’t be the only person to think this is completely inappropriate. I’m well aware that Monzo offers loans but I don’t want the app to push notify me and encourage this. Not to mention that I think for most people taking out a loan is a sub-optimal scenario - not exactly ‘grab hold of life’ type activity.


Do you have lending promotions turned off in app?

Most banks push loans, in fact for months I’ve been dismissing the message from Barclays that I’ve been pre-approved for a £50k loan which pops up on the home screen or in between transactions every time I open the app. Not to mention I don’t have enough disposable income to pay back £50k without interest let alone with.

A push notification and email does not sound great though but shouldn’t happen if you don’t have lending promotions turned on


Yep definitely check your notification settings in the app.


Thanks both. I wasn’t aware that this was an option!

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I couldn’t care either way about lending promotions, but

reads like someone at the Co-operative Bank wrote it. What happened to you, Monzo?


“Make your life better by getting into Debt :tm:


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