Remove or arrange contacts on payment screen

I recently allowed monzo to use my contacts to show me the people I already know who also use monzo, but it’s showing me an icon of my ex and although I don’t want to remove her completely from my phone, I also don’t want to see her face every time I go to pay someone. I’d like the ability to remove people from the list, or just arrange them so i can put my favourite people at the head of the list.


Completely agree with this! There are just tons of people that I don’t really speak to/would ever need to send money to that show up. I’d love to be able to remove/reorganise the contacts!

I also think that whole page is just clunky.


I just found this so funny :joy::joy::joy:


Contact support via in-app chat and they’ll hide this person for you. I believe this is something they do regularly. :slight_smile:

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I’d also like the option to remove this line from the page. It’s messy and full of people I’ll never pay.