Monzo-me - favourites

(Gareth Evans) #1

I love Monzo me but why not have a list of recents or favourites? Always splitting with my partner but have to open a text and search name every time I do it. Would be a nice time saver

(Mike) #2

Ah the joys of rapid expansion… Hugo’s mentioned that they’re considering smarter ways of achieving a solution to this issue.

At the moment I only have 20-ish people on my contacts who have Monzo so it’s not too much of an issue for myself yet but I find contacts who I’ve exchanged money with recently appear towards the top of the list :slight_smile:

(Gareth Evans) #3

Thanks. This isn’t quite what I was getting at, when you split a payment it doesn’t sent money in the same way as sending money to other monzo users, it makes me compose an SMS with a URL which my partner then receives and clicks on, would be much better to do it through the monzo payments feature

(Mike) #4

Ah I see! I guess it could be streamlined so that texts etc. are not required and instead it goes through the Monzo infrastructure - yes it’d be great if payment requests could maybe appear on the feed as well as receiving a notification. :thumbsup:
The URL capacity should be kept only for external users without Monzo accounts.

The way it’s done now is somewhat impractical however there are always positives and negatives of both methods. You won’t be able to have any banter with the other person if you just send over payment requests as there is no chat implementation :frowning:

(Marta) #5

Not sure what OS you’re on, but do you mean that you always have to send a text? My phone shows a list of options with most popular users at the top, o, like this:

So while I do have to use the link, and other person will have to click the link on mobile, then be redirected to monzo app… it doesn’t sound as laborious as what you explained! My weapon :sunglasses: of choice is whatsapp, that’s why those 4 contacts (and not sure what the 5th is…) are appearing by default. I don’t even have to select whatsapp. It might work differently with SMS though.

Please note that there could be some differences in how this panel works between Android and iOS devices.

There was a bit more discussion in this topic:

(Mike) #6

I’m assuming he wants a bit more cohesion with the process - e.g. requests coming up on the other person’s feed rather than having to send an (insert messaging app of choice) and then the other person opening it in a browser prior to launching the Monzo app. :sunglasses: