Pay someone on Monzo section


Is there any way I can change who appears on my “Pay someone on Monzo” section (using Android)

All I have is a random selection of business contacts and friends who I’ve no intention of paying and it’d be great if I could just get rid of them or replace it with people who I might one day need to pay for something? Or exclude someone from appearing in the list?

It just seems strange I have to scroll past a nice little line of pictures of people who I don’t really want to see in my banking app to pay genuine bills or, as my wife commented the other day, why do I have to scroll past a picture of an ex girlfriend from 10 years ago to send money to our kids savings fund :slight_smile: - great awkward conversation that one.



I totally agree, and have brought it up a few times - with the new payee management screens a more granular control of contacts would be good.


I didn’t even consider this, I’ve just been scrolling past until I get to the right people.

It’s also a bit strange for people I barely know but I talk with for work to know they have a Monzo card without really looking for it. Probably just me.