Payments- what are people's thoughts?

(Tim Banting) #1

Personally, I prefer Starlings payment method. I don’t really want a list of all of my contacts in my phone.

I would like to add details of payees within Monzo. Set them up in advance for example.


+1 for advance setup idea

I prefer Starling too, I like how you can also have multiple accounts for one payee. It’s neat and tidy…

(Tim Banting) #3

Seems silly to have all my contacts listed. Just want something clean and uncluttered. It seems to go against everything else Monzo.

(Caspar) #4

There’s a redesign coming. At the very least, they’re making the contacts bit a lot more logical.

(Jack) #5

Saving details is a big plus

(Tim Banting) #6

That’s great to hear; however, I have many contacts that I will never need to pay. I would much rather enter my contacts by hand or, at the very least, select them from contacts and amend with bank details. I’m not sure I would ever need more than 10 people that I would regularly pay money to.

I also don’t need to know, nor do my contacts need to know, that I have a Monzo account. I had hoped that would remain confidential and didn’t realise my contacts would get to see who I bank with. Did I miss that in the T’s and C’s?

(Dan) #7

The “needing to know” part is to send money peer to peer. To send money to these contacts, you don’t need to enter a sort code and account number. The feature is there to reduce the friction of sending money. But obviously it’s necessary to know who is and isn’t with Monzo for this to work.

This feature is explicitly opt-in. It’s called Payments with friends. You can toggle it on or off in Account->Settings->Payments with friends

(Tim Banting) #8

Many thanks. I wasn’t aware of this setting.


You are required to have payment with friends ie import all of your contacts for to work :frowning:

I really don’t want all of my contacts visible especially as many are people that aren’t friends, and it’d be very weird for Monzo to try and link me up with someone at my local council for example.

(Tim Banting) #10

I really think Monzo needs to look at how nice and easy the Starling payments are.

I feel Starling has a clear advantage in the UX on payments.

(Eve) #11

The payment bit is getting a redesign so you don’t have to scroll ages in a list!

(image taken from the April update)

I think this makes more sense design-wise, I know a lot of people mentioned not liking the switch from recent payees to contacts first but when this gets rolled out it should make it easier. I’d like to have a “people near me” function too.

(Tim Banting) #12

Personally, I would prefer to have ‘favourities’ rather than recently paid or contacts. Also there are friends that have several bank accounts I would need to pay into. This is where Starling has a good UX.