Remove balance update animation

Every time I open the app, I pray to the number gods that I don’t see the numbers roll down too much as I wait in anticipation for balance update.

It would be appreciated if the balance was already adjusted so I don’t have to feel like I’m at the gambling table please.

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Although im not sure if it’s intended, this is already the case with the new Home Screen layout.

If you don’t have it yet, you can head to labs and enable it. Might help you with this anxiety.

Monzo app > your photo in the top left corner > settings > Monzo Labs > toggle on app layout.

Are you sure that’s not your Chase account? :thinking: Still a thing over there.

As previous poster pointed out, the new Monzo layout opens with a static current balance :+1:

I get this, takes its time sometimes.

When loading the app it’ll use data from the last time it loaded and then pull new data through essentially, meaning the balance may change when you enter on the new layout.

It was more efficient/faster on the older layout.

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We recently released some accessibility improvements that respect the ‘reduce motion’ operating system preference. When toggled on, you won’t see any animations in app. It does come with the caveat that turning this on will reduce motion across all apps you use, though. Well, at least the ones that respect reduced motion anyway.

If you’re on IOS you can toggle it on by going to:
Go to Settings > Accessibility > Motion

If you’re on Android you can toggle it on by going to:
Settings > Accessibility > Remove animations .


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