When you don’t close down the app correctly you can view your balance etc in the background

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but with Monzo when you don’t close down the app correctly you can view your balance etc in the background, where other banks have this blank for security.

Details to reproduce:

OS: Android 10

Device: oneplus7

App Version: 3.660


Go to Settings/Privacy and security and enable ‘Hide Monzo from recent apps’

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To be honest, I find it a pain when other apps do this… I have no need to hide apps like this although I appreciate others may feel that they need to. I’d much rather identify recent apps visually rather than reading their names…


Yep it’s an actual welcome feature but as mentioned above you can switch it off.

What does bug me is that everytime you switch between apps you have to reauthenticate. It’s a pain when sorting money and you need to reference other places.

I’d much rather it gave you a small window of opportunity (~5 minutes) between asking if you’ve not closed the app or locked your phone.


Totally agree here - especially when it’s the “end of the month” and I’m shifting money to pay credit cards. : open CC app, authenticate, go to the payment section, open Monzo, authenticate, copy the sort code, go back to CC app, authenticate, past the sort code, open Monzo, authenticate, copy the account number, go back to CC app, authenticate, past the account number etc (same with paying by debit card).


Doesn’t the phone have to be unlocked for the app carousel to be visible? The security at this level is having a PIN or biometric lock on your phone, so no-one other than you can get that far in the first place.

As others have mentioned, if you’d still like to blank this screen anyway, there is a privacy option that will let you do this.

Me, though? I wish more apps would work the Monzo way. Trying to check my CC balances and make payments is an absolute pain in the proverbial due to the apps locking and demanding I reauthenticate if I so much as look away for two seconds.

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