Balance update delay

New to Monzo and wanted to ask the following. When I open the app it takes a few seconds for my account balance to update.
Is this normal for it to take a few seconds to update? On previous banking apps the balance has already updated prior to logging in.

Just curious as quite new and thought I would ask.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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This has been raised recently (can’t find the thread). On slower connections it will take a few seconds to update.

Completely normal, just depends on your connection. Mine works instantly over my WiFi at home, but I’ve noticed delays whilst out and relying on data for example.
One time it wouldn’t connect at all and my in-app balance was stuck at 0 for quite a while. But the money remains safe. :blush:

Yeah it happens.

There has been suggestions made to ‘cache’ those values so the last known balance displays (or anything other than the minor heart attack inducing £0!)

I think @Rika said recently the caching issue will be resolved on iOS soon.


Yup, the fixes will be in the next major iOS release. Sorry this has been partially broken for many months. :pray:


Not meaning to be picky but when you say ‘next major iOS release’ do you mean 2.38.0? Or 3.0.0?

Hopefully 2.38.0, if not then 2.39.0.


Thanks @Rika!

It’s the same when switching between accounts. Keeps my joint balance on my personal account for a while. I have to wait for it to refresh and sometimes for a ~5 seconds. Same with everywhere else in the app, transactions etc. take a while to update.