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Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? I came across the Remote COps job vacancies yesterday and I was really interested in applying. I couldn’t see a closing date and I went to submit my application this morning only to find that the position is no longer open :frowning:

I was just wondering if Monzo would be recruiting for any more of these positions in the new year as I feel like I have the perfect skill set for the role and would nothing more than to work for Monzo :heart_eyes:


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Same thing happened to me! I was :cry:. Do hope they open up the application in the new year! I have tagged one of the hiring specials, maybe they might able to give some info. @JacqB

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Ahh no! @narnia285 Thanks for tagging one of the hiring specialists, hopefully, they will have something! :smiley:

I’m sure they will be hiring more soon… at the end of the day as long as the number of users keeps growing they’ll have to keep hiring.

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I was lucky enough to be invited to London for one of their assessment days not too long ago, which was awesome.

A few of the people who were I interviewing had told me that Monzo was growing so quickly they had been running so many assessment days in order to hire COps.

My assessment day was on 8th December; on the job posting it said that was the last assessment day until the new year.

I can only assume that they’ve taken the listing down until the new year. Hopefully @JacqB can give you a more solid answer than I can, though! :blush:

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Also, definitely make sure you apply if the job posting becomes active again!

In my opinion the process is extremely worthwhile, regardless off the outcome. Not to mention it was great fun too, and awesome to meet some Monzonauts first hand! :blush:

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Hi everyone!

So sorry that the roles were taken down while you were applying @Ollieclews :disappointed: We have put a pause on hiring over the festive period as we have over 400 applications in the pipeline :see_no_evil:

We’re going to get through all of these and then reopen the roles in the New Year - it’s likely to be towards the middle of February at the moment as we’ve caught up with demand!

Don’t worry - we will still be hiring in 2019, we just need some time to get through our current pipelines :blush:

Hope this helps! Here to answer any other questions you might have :+1:


Hi @JacqB when you say there will probably be more vacancies in ~Feb are you specially referring to the afore-mentioned remote roles? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hiya! I am indeed - the roles we’d be opening up are Out of Hours and Weekend which are both remote and Daytime which would be Cardiff based. :blush:


Buyer @JacqB what are the shift patterns for the out of hours role?


That’s great as I really want to apply :smiley:
Thank you!

This is actually something we’re looking into changing in the New Year to accommodate a more flexible working style so I’m afraid we don’t have a prediction for this at the moment.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on this though :blush:

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So do I!


I am a disabled customer of Monzos, who due to disability has to spend long periods of time either stuck in the home, or in the bed.
This doesnt stop me from being able to work on the laptop, phone etc, but makes it impossible for me to commit to being out of the home on any given date.
Do you have an application process for someone like myself, as I would be very interested in working for Monzo, with whom ive been with since before it was even called Monzo :wink:



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