COps job applications ended!

Hi Guys,

My heart sank when I noticed the job application that I had been working on the last couple of days (COPs) had been taken down :sob:
As this was a dream job I’ve spent a lot of time to get the application and my CV to the highest standard before I wanted to submit but now it’s gone :pensive:
Can anyone please put me in touch with someone I can email my answers to the application questions to and my CV as this only went in the last day or two so im sure Monzo are still carrying out interviews?

Im a perfectionist and indecisive so it taken me a couple of days until I was happy with my application but now its gone.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give.


Or does anyone know how often COps have recruitments? Can’t believe I’ve missed out by a day or two :expressionless:

They have probably taken down temp due to COVID19, as they cannot perform interviews or anything for at least 3 weeks maybe longer.


Thanks for the reply. I really hope this is the case and puts me a bit at ease knowing theres still a chance I can apply. I wonder why other jobs are still available to apply for though mind you?

It probably depends on the interview process for each employer. If they would normally just do a face to face interview, this can be done via a video call. As I understand it, Monzo like to do team exercises on their assessment days, these can’t really be done remotely, so they wouldn’t be able to perform their interviews at the current time, at least not in the format they’d like.

It would probably also depend on how urgently they need staff. If staff are needed immediately, then they’d modify their interview process to a format that will be suitable for current restrictions. If it’s not urgent for them, they can wait until the current restrictions have passed and then they can interview in the format they always have.


Thanks nathan this makes complete sense. I have read that they do team exercises as part of the interview process for this job role so this obviously cannot go ahead at this point in time. Phew! Let’s hope that the reopen the job for applicants once all this blows over. Still would of been nice to of seen a message or some sort to confirm this it killed me when it was no longer on the careers page. Thanks again guys I will assume this is the case in this instance and keep hold of my application for a later date :+1:

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In regards to the second point I thought they needed COps at this point in time. From reading the forums on here ive heard staff say they need some more support and the job was up for a while before it was taken down so must be a job in demand at Monzo but im just speculating here. I can imagine with the virus at the moment they must have a lot less queries etc. so maybe they dont need so many COps support right now and will open the role back up when things pick up again but well see :eyes:

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There’s also a lot of staff at home with nowhere to go, I imagine there’s not a shortage of people willing to take extra shifts


Yeah this is another valid point thank you. Just hoping once all this is over the job reopens like i say. Wish we could get more info from Monzo.

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Well that was unnecessary.


Lol look it was a job I really wanted and spent a long time working on the application to perfect it so as you imagine im not best pleased it’s been taken down thats all. Of course im moving on and applying else where I have all the qualifications and experience to secure another good job dont worry. Im sure Monzo recruitment aren’t looking at these messages or judging me on them so again don’t worry. I’m just here to find out more info and then others guys who responded have been more than helpful!



Im here to find information as I have done not get into arguments with people like yourself who are being unhelpful and negative. Please keep your opinions to yourself.


Congratulations on proving my point.

Good luck with your application.

Nothing wrong with looking eager

Monzo is more relaxed than other employers and this is one of the uses for the community


Agreed with this. Working in HR myself, eagerness does go a long way.

@Chris25 I hope you find out the answer soon and best of luck :slight_smile:


Exactly it just goes to show how much you want and care about the job.
Thanks for your kind words :blush::+1: