Anybody going to the assessment day in Cardiff on 23rd Jan?!

Hi everyone!

I’m very excited to have been invited to an assessment day for a job as a COp! I can’t wait and I’m so excited about the opportunity to work as a remote COp, I’m so passionate about Monzo, I’ve been banking with them for a little over 6 months and wouldn’t look back!
I guess I’m looking to see if there’s anyone else going on the day, but also if there’s any tips or feedback anyone has any!


There are lots of feedback topics on here already. Including people that detailed what the entire process was like - have a search and good luck with your application :slight_smile:

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Hi @SophW92 & welcome :wave:

That does sound exciting! Let the enthusiasm shine through & good luck :crossed_fingers:


Hey Sophie :wave:t2:

I remember being pretty nervous back in July when I had my assessment day. Don’t be! Everybody is really lovely and friendly and they’ll make you feel very welcome.

You might even get to see some of the dogs on floor 2 :dog:

Good luck!

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Hey @SophW92 :wave:

I’ll be at the assessment day on 23rd Jan, can’t wait!
Look forward to meeting you :grin:

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