What would you like to know about hiring at Monzo?

(Richard Cook) #1

New year… new job? :thinking:

If you’re thinking about switching things up in 2019, then maybe a new career could be on the cards. And as we’ve got big plans for the year, we’re doing lots of hiring!

As part of that, we’d love to know any questions you’ve got about hiring at Monzo. What it involves, who we’re looking for, what it’s like to work here. Any questions at all, let us know below! We’d love to hear from you :hot_coral_heart:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #2

Working at Monzo would be amazing! :hot_coral_heart: but that’s easier said than done :joy:

Do personal qualities ever outweigh experience for new hires? :thinking: Or does an applicant need to tick every single box before having the slightest chance at an interview? :slight_smile:

(Michael) #3

Is every role available as a remote role?

(Richard) #4

What are the chances of being employed if you live in the North West and would find relocation difficult?

Would working from home and regular trips to London be an option?

Also to echo @nexusmaniac, what emphasis is given to enthusiasm and desire to learn over experience?

(Johnny Ellwood) #5

I have a few skills that dont really fit into a specific job role but usually end up using them in any job anyways once they find out about them. Would you consider doing introduction interviews so skills can be assessed as a benefit to the company rather than being targeted to a single role?

(Nathan Steer) #6

When will you be re-hiring @RachelRaybould? :eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nathan) #7

For dev roles is it worthwhile applying even if you have no experience in the languages Monzo use?

Have a background in Java, SQL, Angular so while id love to work at Monzo I keep telling myself my lack of experience with the Monzo tech stack means theres no point


Is remote working available for most roles? I would love to work for Monzo, but wouldn’t be able to move to London (or Cardiff) yet.

If (or when more likely :laughing:) I apply to Monzo it would probably be for a COp role. What is the starting salary like for remote COps, and are there opportunities for progression within a salary range/or to other roles within Monzo?

It really would be amazing to work for/with you guys, so I am trying to get my finances in order as quick as possible (which I couldn’t have done without switching to Monzo!), as I think I would be earning less than my current job, and so need to get rid of my debt etc first :weary::blush::+1:.

What advice would you give to anyone who is interested in applying for a COps role?
How many stages are there in the hiring process? If someone is lucky enough to be invited to one of your interview days, is there much notice in advance of the date? (for trying to get time off from current employment :joy:).

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #9

How about Las Vegas?

(James Murray-Ferris) #10

You have no use for my skills…also I only started my job in December anyway :joy:

(James Bond) #11

This would be my main question too, I’m keen to see how people with slightly misaligned skill sets are considered. I imagine those that fit this category and are considering roles at Monzo have personal projects using the relevant technologies but little to no long term experience in the workplace.

My other questions would be:

  • How do you keep the work interesting? Many developers often leave roles due to feeling like they are no longer being challenged or technology moves on but the company doesn’t keep up with it.

  • How are new employee’s welcomed and introduced to the rest of the company?


What is the worst question you ask during interviews?

What question would you could legally ask but don’t?

(Matt Gogerly) #13

What’s different about the hiring process for graduates vs normal hires?

(James Prince) #14

Will Monzo be offering INTERNSHIPS any time soon?

(https://youtu.be/5DmYLrxR0Y8) #15

Are they the same as internships, just louder?

(Michael) #16

@cookywook Any chance of getting some of these answered? :blush:

(Alex Sherwood) #17

This was the question on Monzo’s Instagram story today so I’m guess they’ll respond tomorrow..

(Gareth) #18

Will you ever have Android Developers working out of the Cardiff office?

I’m not far from Cardiff and would like to become an Android Developer with you but I am not ready to move to London

(Peter Reid) #19

Is it possible Monzo will ever establish a technology presence at any of their other offices (Cardiff/Vegas) - or any future offices? Or is it likely all technology roles will continue to be solely based in the London office?

(Simon B) #20

To some degree there will be technical presences in those offices at some point - but for the start it’ll be more on what we call “technical operations” who are the people that set up infrastructure, source equipment, maintain the networks, etc. Obviously we need people on the ground in each office to do that.

Having developers in those offices is a different question and as far as I know there’s no solid plans for that to be happening right now. With that being said developer roles are very remote friendly, and if you are a remote developer who happens to live near one of our offices there’s nothing to stop you spending time there but at least as of the short term there won’t be teams of developers who are based there.