Reminders about card closure


Hi, I’ve had Monzo prepaid card for a while and yesterday finally got around to applying to switch to the account. Since then I’ve received numerous prompts saying that the prepaid will close on 4th April and I need to switch. I thought I did everything I needed for that, did I miss something?

(Richard Cook) #2

Hi Kamij,

If you’ve upgraded your account and sent off for the new card, you’re all set!

You shouldn’t get any more emails from us telling you to upgrade. So you can ignore that one you got today.

Sorry for the confusion!


Thanks for the quick response Richard. It’s not just the email though, I also have a banner in the app that says 4 days left to upgrade and I also got a notification about it when I made a purchase with my prepaid card earlier today.

(Richard Cook) #4

Ok, that’s strange. Best to drop us a message via the in-app chat and we’ll investigate :slight_smile:


Have you received and activated the new card yet?