Upgrading card

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Hello, I’ve tried to upgrade my account and get a new card however the card didn’t arrive in time and I’m off travelling today. Could I get a new card sent to my address abroad? Will my old card work until 4th April? Sorry I’ve tried to ask this in the app but my app keeps on crashing! Thanks for your help

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Hi Laura - your pre paid (?) card will continue working until 4th April , you would need to inform Monzo of your address abroad - presumably you are staying there for a decent amount of time ( ? ) try help@monzo.com to send them an email or try their twitter account :slight_smile: when you get your new CA card just register it before April 4th and all remaining monies will be transferred over from your prepaid and the card should work no problem

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What @iansilversides said, but also, if you can’t get your new card by the 4th, email them and they may be able to extend the life of your prepay.


We can’t do that unfortunately!

@iansilversides advice is spot on :slight_smile:

(Laura) #5

Just to confirm, you won’t be able to send a card to Australia?


Sorry, no I meant we can’t extend the prepaid.

We can send your card to Australia :+1:

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don’t leave it until the last days - as Monzo I think are expecting a rush - which could potentially leave you without card for a time