Old monzo card with new style account

Hi there really silly question but I’ve left it a little late upgrading my account to the new debit type and I’m on holiday Wednesday. If my card hasn’t arrived by then, can I use my old prepaid monzo with the new debit style account in anyway or is it 100% useless and just needs cutting up? Looking for an interim option in case the new card doesn’t arrive. Not the end of the world if I can’t just a query :blush:

I don’t believe you’d be able to, but worth asking in app chat just in case. Typically my cards have arrived within 2 days so there’s hope.

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As Sean says no it won’t work. All cards were cancelled well over a year ago when prepaid closed

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Google or Apple Pay if your phone supports NFC?

Thank you so much! And yes actually Apple Pay is a good shout thank you! Hopefully it may arrive anyway :grimacing: