Remember those of us with smaller screens!


iPhone SE


Yes. Like the iPhone 4S


Can you even install Monzo on that one? I thought the 4S was stuck with an unsupported OS version.


When I sent a to my father, it was a mess on his iPhone 4S

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #5

I have issues on my iPhone SE.

First of all, the image of the card is weirdly right-aligned. And because my screen is “so small”, I have to scroll down to see the buttons indicating if I have any pots. Then, if I go into the spending limits section, I get weird text overlaps.


The alignment issue and a top menu bar is an issue on the iPhone 6 and I’ve reported it already as a bug in app. You should screenshot it and send it to customer service.

(Jolin) #7

Are you using Monzo on a 4s? Can you post screenshots?

(Daniel White) #8

I’m using Monzo on a 4S! Samsung Galaxy S8+ is my daily driver but am forced to use an ancient iPhone 4S we had laying around at work to use most of the functionality of Monzo, including Pots and even submitting Merchant Data! Yes it’s a terrible experience but so is Monzo on Android!


Can we get some official stats on screen size?


I ran Monzo Prepay beta and Monzo CA Preview testflight versions on an iPhone 4S until late August when replaced the phone with an Android


I can’t do screenshots any more as I have now given away the phone to someone who hates large smartphones

(Peter Roberts) #12

grumble grumble use relative sizing


I’m surprised you can even install the app on the iPhone 4s and 5 since they are no longer supported by Apple.


Just because a company stops supporting their older models doesn’t mean customers are going to upgrade a perfectly working phone


I agree but they can’t expect apps to work if the device manufacturer no longer supports it.


On the one hand I agree with this.

In the other, it’s a shame that we’re consigning perfectly usable devices to landfill because manufacturers want to sell the same thing again that is now better, faster, more expensive.

In our family, the oldies are using iPhone 4S with exception of my father whom I upgraded to iPhone 7 Plus a couple of weeks ago.

(Daniel White) #17

Screenshots as requested:

Quite a few bits work OK, you don’t get a lot on the screen but I suppose that’s not exactly Monzo’s fault. Although I guess things could be a bit smaller. The Balance and Pulse take up over a third of the screen, they don’t need to. There’s some parts where text doesn’t appear properly, the ‘Suggest a logo’ screen being a perfect example of this.

But again, like I say, these annoyances are still a better experience that for those on Android.

(Jolin) #18

Thanks, interesting. A lot better than I imagined! The width is the same, so I see some of the same run-together text on my 5s (e.g. the Limits screen).


What about the security aspect of it? A device that doesn’t get security updates is a huge liability today (talking about iPhone 4S and earlier, and unsupported Android devices).


iPhone 5S and SE (smaller screens) still get updates.