Can't access monzo business on iphone 4 ios 7

I have an iphone 4 ios 7 and I cannot use my business account - the top left hand corner where i normally switch from personal to business cannot be seen on the screen.

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Is this a new issue for you? Have you just have to use a backup phone? That will be 8 years old soon.

From this thread…

Monzo stopped supporting iOS9 a few years ago. So I’d say that’s probably why.

Unfortunately nobody will be able to help you here.

Monzo’s page on the app store states they’re only compatible back to iOS 9

Huh, they really should update their App Store listing, doesn’t help the op as they’re on iOS 7 but the page says 9 is supported

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Why are you using iOS 7 in 2021 :joy:


That’s very rude. My phone was taken by the police for forensic analysis because of a criminal matter. I have been forced into using an old phone until mine is released. Now who looks like a rude man?

We didn’t know the context behind using such an old device - I would perhaps look into getting a cheap Android phone to use. As @Revels stated iOS 7 is not supported

Or even a cheap second hand iPhone – Monzo should work back to the iPhone 5 (which supports iOS 10).

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Not helping your case :joy::joy:if you pardon the pun

I predict the OPs Next thread title will be “ Monzo froze my account” :laughing::wink:

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