A bit of a love for those who hate to upgrade?

Well I’ve finally 100% Mondo though one thing that was a bit of a concern to me was how the UX behaved on my crusty iPhone 4S. I am a bit of a stick-in-the-mud to upgrade but on other banking apps do support the 4S still.

The Mondo app UX/layout feels like it’s been designed for an iPhone 5 or later - proof of this is when I tried to use the app to enter the 9 digit confirm code on my card and realised I couldn’t actually see the input field as I was entering this data. I know the other banking apps I use have responsive layouts and had no problems with them on my crusty piece of tech.

Quick question - any data on how many iPhone 4S users currently use Mondo?

Looking forward to using the app/card!

Hey Steven,

Good question! So our first principle at the moment is that we’re keen to support the newest hardware while in beta and relatively aggressively avoid getting stuck with backwards compatibility (hence the iOS 9 requirement at the moment). As soon as we’re a bank, we’ll be much more limited on this so we want to keep pushing forwards now :slight_smile: Much less than 10% (maybe even 5%) of our users are on an iPhone 4S at the moment.

Having said that, when we do support a device like the iPhone 4S, we want to ensure it’s a great experience for you :slight_smile: I know the input field problem is on our list to fix but I’ll flag it up again!

Hey Tristan,

Much appreciated - I guess we’re the edge case - although it’s a good excuse to finally upgrade!

Thanks for the heads up @pickassoreborn We can definitely do much better there.

One of the several good side effects of rolling out designs for Android is that we’re much aware of the importance of ensuring a great UX independently of the screen size. Lately we’ve came up with a few guidelines that ensure than an illustration never pushes UI elements out of the screen, so the particular issue you are mentioning should be fixable :soon:

The second part of your question is about performance. Our iOS guys often profile the app to ensure it works nicely on every device but I guess they can only do so much (after all, that phone is almost 5 years old). We’ll keep an eye on that 5% that @tristan mentioned :slight_smile:

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Cheers, Hugo! 5 years old, eh? Time for an upgrade…

Could always use your Mondo targets to save up for a new one :wink: