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Hi, my partner has an old iPhone that cannot run ios v10 or later versions. Can you use Monzo, i.e. open an account and get a Monzo card, with old iOS versions?

From the apple app store :slight_smile:


iOS 9 support was dropped for current accounts. As this is no longer supported by Apple there are security concerns as patches are no longer released.


Thanks - yes that’s what the app says however when you try to open a new account on her device which has iOS 9 it won’t let you. A pop up message says you need ios10.

Might be worth getting the app store page updated: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/monzo-bank :slight_smile:


Ok thanks. Sounds like she needs a newer phone then!
As Danny says, would be good if you update the app’s compatibility description on the App Store and prevent it from being installable on iOS 9 and older.


I know that iPhone 5s works (as that’s what I’m on) and they’ve said we’ll be able to get iOS 12 so will be fine for another couple of years, she doesn’t need to get something new and expensive

I’ll pass that on :+1:


I suppose this could be a downside to app only banking - at some point your device becomes futile, especially with Apples bullish marketing method, bricking phones that are too old so you need to spend on another. Don’t worry I’m an Apple user and don’t intend on changing but yes it’s a shame but I suppose technology and security of devices changes daily and we need to stay up to date to avoid vulnerabilities! :sunglasses:

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Apple haven’t bricked any phones that I’m aware of. I still have an iPhone 3G which continues to work.

That’s impressive, aren’t you struggling with being unable to update to the latest OS? Many mainstream apps also cut the support for old OS versions so they’re unusable or majorly out of date.

It hasn’t been updated to the latest OS for years, but many apps allow you to download the latest version supported by your device/OS and I can’t remember the last time there was an app update. My point being, as a basic smartphone, it still works.

I can’t use it for Monzo because Monzo doesn’t allow it for perfectly understandable security reasons.

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That’s what I would be fearing, when I’m unable to update OS I tend to swap phones. Currently using a 6S and it’s working perfectly, although Apple will outdate it soon enough.

iOS 12 will still support the 5s, so you should get a few more years out of it. Don’t drop it, though.

Mine’s been dropped so many times I can’t believe it’s still going.

Tend to get 3rd degree burns if I use it more than half an hour, replacing the battery is on my to do list

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