Refunds take long

I’m still waiting on my refund how long does it take days 10 days but noticed most go in next day but not for me my Halifax one from same store went in next day but monzo is a no show

Refund timing is normally down to the store involved. From what I remember, Monzo process incoming transaction data multiple times per day (where other banks apparently do this once) so the money should turn up in your account almost as soon as Monzo her about it.

If there’s a problem, contacting Monzo directly is the first thing to try rather than asking here.

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Refund times vary so wildly from store to store, how it was done, what stage the transaction was in, and more. There is no simple answer to how long it takes despite how much they try to give you a time frame.

The engineering answer here is that refunds can take anywhere from instantly to 30 days.

In reality, almost all refunds hit your account either around one day, or one week later.


This answer from @Rika needs to be made a sticky!


Cover it in jam? That’s pretty sticky

Had a instant refund from a parking meter today (ticket printer failed)

Guessing it processed a void instantly when the printer failed.

Whatever happened to the return authorisation mandate that was supposed to speed up refunds to around 24 hours for everyone? It looks like Visa has extended the deadline in Europe for 2 years, but I haven’t seen anything mentioned by MasterCard.

That’s how it’s supposed to work… I’ve seen instant refunds too.

But retailers don’t seem to want to do it and would rather wait until pending transactions time out.

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You can assume that Visa and Mastercard broadly move in step with each other with changes such as these, as they are both lobbied by the same acquirers and large merchants.

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I have got them straight away from Amex and HSBC debit card (which uses VISA). So must be a Monzo or Mastercard thing not to reverse them immediately. And the fact Monzo takes pending transaction amounts out of your account balance is annoying

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Same here, I cancelled two Amazon Prime Day orders on the 14th October, one paid through Monzo, the other one with Amex. Refund on my Amex came through the next day. Monzo refund still hasn’t appeared.

Everyone does this.

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It’s neither a Monzo nor a Mastercard thing, it’s down to how all card payments work. If you see it instantly, then its not a a refund as such, but a reverse of the authorisation, whereas if its delayed, it’s a positive presentation. Monzo, mastercard, visa and all other banks deal with both types of refund, so sometimes it will come instantly and sometimes it will be delayed no matter what card or bank you are using. Card payment processes are fairly standardised.


It’s still a choice Monzo are making not to reverse the authorisation, when other banks and credit card companies do reverse that authorisation immediately. I remember Monzo made me wait 30 days for a hotel pre authorisation that was about £100, which was frustrating

No, it’s not a Monzo choice, that’s not how it works. If the authorisation is reversed, that comes from the merchant and it will show instantly on any account. If the refund is a positive presentation and not an auth reverse, the bank has no way of knowing about it until a presentation arrives, and presentations are not instant.

Again this is just standard payment processing stuff that means different refunds will take different amounts of time.

About your hotel pre-auth - that’s different again. In that case, the hotel has failed to reverse the auth as they should have done, meaning it normally falls back to the bank’s automatic system for which 30 days is the normal amount of time, although most banks will do it manually for you earlier if you can prove the auth should have been reversed.

Monzo used to do this, it was one of the good things about them… it was just a couple of taps in the app. Then they stopped.

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