Refunds on Sunday

Had a refund on Sunday when would the money go in to my account.

Hey Jaffa :wave:

Was this a refund put through your card? This can take a few days to appear on your account but as soon as the money has been returned you would see it immediately through the app :smiley:

If you’re not sure how the refund was processed, feel free to reach out to the in app chat team. You can find them through the ‘Help’ option on the app and scrolling down to the ‘Chat With Us’ button.

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Yes it was done on a card

Hi Jaffa, just been searching for the answer to your original question. Got a refund today which is Sunday and wondering how long it will take. Can I just ask how long yours took?

It honestly depends on the merchant and the merchant’s bank. As soon as Monzo get the money they put it in your account. Can be anything from next day up to 2 weeks though. 3-5 working days is generally the norm, though.

Who was the merchant?

Was marks and Spencer’s so a reputable company just be interesting to see how long monzo take as nationwide used to take 4-5 days

As advised above it depends on the store processing the refund, I used to work for a gaming console company we had to advise customers generally 5-7 days but can take up to 30 days, it has nothing to do with the receiving bank really.

Thank you, I received a refund an hour or so after it was refunded the other day so I was a bit too optimistic that this could be the same :joy: I will wait, with schools being closed could do with it hitting sooner or later. I will update thread when it’s refunded in case anyone else has a similar query. Monzo appear to be faster than normal banks though