Instant Refunds?

I’ve noticed that if I process a refund onto my Monese card it appears in my account almost instantly, although it is “pending” and usually isn’t available for several hours.

Refunds to Monzo normally show up the morning of the next working day after they are processed, which is still pretty impressive. I’m just wondering how Monese are able to process them more quickly?

Perhaps it’s similar to the Pay Early feature that was found in the latest Android release?

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That’s interesting, thanks

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I like the idea of refunds being paid early.

However pay early on monthly salary is a bit pointless after the first month of being paid early, you’re still waiting until the next pay early day before it would normally be paid.

I agree but it would be nice on those pesky 5 week months to get it a few days sooner. My funds are always super stretched when that happens.

There’s a lot of it depends here but I’ll try and give a really reduced version of what is quite a complex few chapters of Mastercard documentation.

If a refund is done as an authorisation reversal or cancellation before the transaction has settled, it is made available immediately.

If a refund is being made for an already settled transaction, we will only see it for the next Mastercard settlement cycle after the refund is submitted.


Wouldn’t there still be 5 week months caused by being paid early? Is it the actual day before or working day before?

1st July becomes 28th June, you’ve then got 34 days until pay?
1st August becomes 31 July.

These are refunds that are settled. They are withdrawals from a gambling company, but they show up in my account as a card refund.

The ones from Monese appear in the account instantly, but to Monzo they appear the next day…

Ah, gambling payouts are a little different to refunds.

We sometimes receive an advice message for gambling payouts ahead of actually receiving the money.

I don’t think we will credit an account based on those messages as it is extremely risky.


I have found if you ask for a refund from certain gambling companies (Smarkets) then they hold it for 6 hours prior to releasing it to Mastercard. You then get an email. Normally this hits my Monzo around 0800 if I requested it prior to 1800.

Today however, having had the email around 2100 last night - still nothing in my Monzo Any suggeations Rika??

Is that the time you normally get the email? If there was some sort of delay on the merchant end it might have to wait untill their banks next clearing cycle which could be every 24hrs, so maybe tomorrow 8am

If I request a refund at 1730 I usually get an email at 2330 exactly.

Funds usually notified as clear at Monzo around 0800 next day!

Wait another day, and see if it arrives. :slight_smile:

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While I was expecting it at 0750 ish on Tuesday morning, I got the Monzo “Kerching” exactly 12 hours later - weird!