Refunded Fraud Transactions skewing spending calculations


I was recently subjected to a fraudulent transaction with my Monzo card. The lovely folks at Monzo quickly sorted this out for me and refunded the fraudulent transaction amount.

However, the original fraud transaction still shows up in my Monzo account and skews the monthly spending figures.

Is there any way to flag a transaction as fraud and have it removed from the monthly spending figures?

Richard Tubb

At the moment, no. It’s an idea that applies to refunds for other purposes too and people paying you back for partial purposes so it probably is something for the team to look at when they get a moment!

The question is, across all of the possible applications is it better to exclude the original transaction or to include the refund in the spending figures?


Thanks for the clarification. Appreciated!

I feel fraud transactions should be categorised differently to refunds. Basically, once the issue is sorted I don’t want to know about the transaction at all - act like it never existed.


I think this is pretty similar to this use case: Interface for reversing stuck authorisations

“When stuff goes wrong, as a user I’m refunded and I’d like the original transaction and subsequent refund to not be included in my spending targets.”

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