Fraudulent transaction refunded by both PayPal and Monzo

I noticed a transaction I didn’t make on my Monzo banking app so I flagged it as an unauthorised transaction straightaway. Shortly after, I realised the transaction was made through PayPal so realised I should’ve probably disputed it through them instead. I did that a few hours later. Both PayPal and Monzo refunded me for the fraudulent transactions now I’m not sure what to do. Should I contact my bank or PayPal ? What would happen if I kept the money ?

Go to in app chat and ask their opinion. I think you’d need to pay Monzo back

You’d be breaking the law and depending on the amount would determine the consequences.

More likely than not, is that someone (be it PayPal or Monzo) will forcefully take, or request the money back from you at the most inconvenient time. So I’d say it’s within your best interest to do the honest thing and contact one of them to explain the situation as mentioned above.


How long ago did it happen and how did you get refunded by PayPal?

Could it be that the original transaction was still in a pending state, Monzo reversed it instantly and Paypal also refunded you back to your PayPal account, thus “appearing” like you got two refunds while in reality the first transaction will come back in a few day’s time?