Fraud through Amazon and refunds

Hi everyone. I just discovered that two Amazon payments I did not make went through and money was taken off my account. I cancelled my card and contacted both Amazon and Monzo regarding this. Amazon said I should ask for a bank refund. But from what I can find on Monzo app, I can only make a dispute claim. This confuses me, because if I am correct, hrough the dispute claim, I would be asking for money from Amazon and not Monzo. Does Amazon refund fraud transfers?

And also, how do I ask for a refund directly from Monzo?

  • Click on the transaction
  • Scroll to the bottom of the transaction
  • Click “Something wrong? Get help”
  • Click “Report Fraud” under “I don’t recognise this transaction”

Amazon take on a lot of fraud risk themselves, so Monzo would be able to dispute the payment, and claim it back from Monzo. :slight_smile:

Thanks. That reassures me a bit. Do you have any idea how long this process might take ?

Not sure, go through the process and it might provide that info. I’ve never had to report one before, so this is where my knowledge ends. :slight_smile:

Were these transactions made from your Amazon account i.e. has someone hacked your Amazon account or are the transactions not linked to your account i.e. your card details have been stolen?

You’re doing all the right things so far, but I think the answer to the above will determine whether Monzo give you the money back directly or push you to get your money back from Amazon.

I assume someone hacked my account and accessed my card details. But all I received was an email ( well, several of them) from Amazon, notifying me of the purchases being made.

My account was immediately blocked by Amazon ( once they realised what’s going on)

Thanks for the advice, anyway. I have done what you suggested ( may have overloaded the Monzo customer support with my fraud complaints, though )

You’ve done the right thing because this sends all the transaction details the team will need to investigate.

They will be able to trace it through the system to see how they were authorised, if it was PIN, fingerprint and when etc. Give them time to piece it all together and they will come back to you with their conclusion. If they find that they were indeed unauthorised you should get your money back.

I really hope so. I haven’t experienced anything like this before. I know it takes some time to investigate these kind of stuff. But, I can’t help but to constantly check my Monzo account for updates.

That’s understandable. You should get a notification when they reply, but I can imagine that won’t help stop you from checking :sweat_smile:

I presume you’ve changed the password for your Amazon account? I’d also consider if the email password should be changed as well. And if you’ve used the same password for other accounts as well as Amazon, might be best to change those too.

I’ve changed my Amazon password. The one for my email was changed some time before that. As for all the other passwords, I’m in the process of changing those, as well.

All this trouble I have to go through because of someone out there who has no regard for other peoples’ privacy or property.