Fraud category

(Tomasz Herbasz) #1

Today someone emptied my account. Firstly I would like to thank Monzo for acting quickly to refund the money etc. Secondly can I suggest that there is an option to categorise each fraudulent transaction as fraud. I mean at the moment they appear as groceries etc. When I look back at the end of the month to check how much I spent in each category it may confuse me.
I know this isn’t a biggest issue but I think categorising it as fraud or misc or similar would be useful.


Fraud isn’t supposed to happen regularly so maybe it would be better to make transactions marked as fraudulent not count towards any spending targets?

(Allie) #3

Agreed, it’d be ideal if they could just be deleted so they look like they never happened.

(Andy Little) #4

Perhaps the option to hide them on the feed, but I don’t think deleting any transactions is a very good idea personally.

(Tomasz Herbasz) #5

I understand other banks remove fraudulent transactions from bank statements. I am not sure why they need to be on my statement/feed?
Let’s say I need to produce my bank statement to some organisation. They may jump to wrong conclusions looking as said fraudulent transactions.
For example I may need to provide my bank statement as proof of address for DBS checks for let’s say The Scout Association. If there were multiple transactions for i.e. online porn subscriptions (fraud ones I mean) on my bank statement someone could assume I am not suitable to work with young people on moral grounds?
Does that makes sense?

(Dan Bennett) #6

I agree with having a “Fraud” category which means they do not get added to the spending screen.
I like that it stays shown up in the feed, but if we mark it as a “Fraud” category, it could be greyed out and marked as such?