Fraud / Refunds

I would just like to raise a quick point as I guess most positives go unrecognized, its mainly the negatives.

I’m sat there at 0645 at work in my truck on my phone & a transaction pops up on Monzo for a large amount of money. I was really confused at first.

I then got on the app and escalated a fraud case as this was clearly not my transaction.

Within 3 hours Monzo had sorted the issue & refunded the fraudulent claim!

I’d like to personally thank Monzo & its team for everything. Just another reason why I chose this bank over others.



Great to hear you got it sorted so soon

that’s one of the reasons i like the notifications, if you know when money is supposed to come out of your account it’s easy to spot something unusual quick


Good to see a positive!

Do you have any idea how/where they got your digits from?

@Revels I still don’t know how they got them. But Monzo instantly cancelled my card & sent a new one out.

The new virtual cards on Monzo plus are a great idea for online shopping.

Critics please take note.:+1:

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Thanks for coming on and sharing your experience, it’s good to hear positive interactions with Monzo’s process in amongst some other people’s poor experiences.

Seems you were pretty calm & relaxed throughout the process. :+1:


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